Connection Groups

A Livewire Connection group is about doing life together. Life brings with it many demands, challenges, situations, and circumstances, but you don't have to go at it alone. Others are ready to link arms with you and face life's challenges with you. In a Connection group community is formed, friendships are developed and deepened, fun just happens, life issues are discussed, and a deeper relationship with God is built. We meet in non-threatening environments that are relaxed and casual, where people love and care about each other's well being. Our desire is that no one would fall through the cracks and so as Livewire grows larger, we must also become smaller.

We're not just a group of people that get together on Sunday. We're a team and more importantly we're a family. We invite, encourage, and challenge you to get involved in a Livewire Connection group. This is a core-focus of who we are. Throughout the year our groups run on a semester format. Group lengths are anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. After the semester there is a 4-week break and registration period. During the registration period you can sign up for the same group again or check out another group. Check out the groups below.
Name Location Time Focus Status
Fight Naples 07:00pm Every other Wednesday Guys winning the battles that matter most
Man Cave Naples 09:00am Every first Saturday Guys hang out
The Circle Maker Naples 07:00pm Every other Tuesday Discovering prayer in a whole new light
The Spark Naples 05:00pm Schedule Varies Sunday Taking ownership & partnering with Livewire
The Vow Naples 07:00pm Every Thursday Marriage enrichment for single, engaged, and married adults
Mixer Naples 07:00pm Every third Friday Food. Community. Fun.