Guest Information

Whether it's starting a new job, making a big investment, meeting your significant other's parents for the first time, moving to a new neighborhood, or starting school, these are all situations that can make us feel a little uneasy. We would like to ease that feeling by stating that Livewire is a relaxed welcoming place where it's our desire that you feel right at home. We'll never embarrass you and nobody is going to ask you for money or to join our church. Our desire is that you just come as you are... we'll be waiting for you!

We believe Livewire is a church that is a reflection of the 21st century. We are not against traditional churches but we definitely do things a little different! We proclaim the same awesome message that the Bible is God’s Word and Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, but our method is unique. Throughout history methods change but the message shouldn’t. We stand firm in our belief that God created life and offers us the opportunity for Him to do amazing things in and through us.

Three words describe Livewire - real, different, and relevant. Real, because we are just regular people who have the ups and downs that everyone else faces. We don't claim to be perfect or have life figured out. Different, because we do not have the usual atmosphere and decor of more traditional churches. The atmosphere at Livewire is electric, the music is edgy, and you’ll see a lot of people wearing jeans & T-shirts. You’ll find that the people are down to earth, and the message directly relates to your every day life. Relevant, because we speak our culture's language. From the parking lot to the inside of the building we work hard to make sure what we say and do is relevant to our culture. We use power points, special lighting, film clips and current music. Livewire is a modern church.

Find out what to expect when you visit Livewire for the first time here. View a map and get directions to our location here. Thank you for checking out our site and we look forward to meeting you in person.