We love, care about, and believe in our little wires. From babies through elementary, we believe each child possesses enormous potential. Low Voltage & High Voltage Kids taps into your child's unique personality, creative imagination, inquiring mind, and abilities. Not to mention, their energy! We offer your little wire a fun, clean and safe learning atmosphere where they will go on an exploration through the Bible, learning about God, themselves and their purpose.

To accomplish this we utilize an exciting video based curriculum facilitated by awesome teachers who love hanging out with kids. In this format there are three foundational aspects we constantly drive home. 1) Help children discover they can trust God no matter what, 2) Make wise decisions now, and 3) To treat other kids the way they want to be treated. You can find out more about the curriculum we use at

Parents, you are the most important and influential person in your child's life. Our desire is to link arms with you by giving you resources and teaching your child needs about God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible.