Are you ready to grow spiritually? Do you feel like you're in a spiritual growth rut? You know you need to read your Bible, pray, go to church, have a quiet time, etc. However, you're not exactly sure how to implement these disciplines or you just feel like it's all become mundane. Then Monvee is the perfect place for you to start. In Monvee which simply means "individual growth"  you will learn extraordinary things about yourself that will help you become God's best version of you. You will also implement a growth plan for your life that you can be excited about because it fits you, who you are, your personality and where you are in your journey with Jesus. You have what it takes to grow. Now you just need to discover what's getting in the way and Monvee will help you do just that. Monvee is a 6-week small group experience.

Session 1: Everybody is Chasing Something
Session 2: Growth is Not About Trying Harder
Session 3: Growth is Always Possible
Session 4: Growth Can Be Scary
Session 5: Growth is Freedom
Session 6: Growth is Best When it is Handcrafted

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